Although garden furniture may be the last thing a homeowner adds to their garden, it is often the first thing they notice. Furniture can now be made from a variety of materials and can be either classical or modern.

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You can find furniture for your garden that includes tables and chairs for outdoor dining, benches and loungers, as well as chairs and benches that can be used for relaxing.


Metal can make some very beautiful garden furniture. Metal furniture may seem uncomfortable to some, but it can actually be quite comfortable if well-designed. Metal furniture doesn’t have to be heavy or wrought iron. Instead, it can be simple and clean. Metal furniture has the advantage of being durable and can be kept outside all year. Metal furniture can be coated to reduce the need for frequent painting. Urban gardens are a great place to use metal.

Although stone furniture doesn’t feel light and may not be the most comfortable, it gives you a sense of tradition and permanence. This is evident in a bench made of carved granite and set among a border of herbaceous plants. The bench becomes almost a sculpture in the garden. Stone is heavy and difficult to move so the gardener needs to be careful about where it should go. Stone furniture is softened by eye-catching background plants.

Plastic furniture is lightweight and weather-resistant. Plastic furniture can be made into many shapes and is versatile. While some types of furniture are comfortable even without cushions, others have removable cushions that can be used in a variety of colors. These cushions are resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, so they won’t fade easily. Bright, bold colors are great for summer sunlit garden terraces.

Wood is a living thing and can be used in many gardens. While unpainted wood will show off its texture, grain, and blend well with plants, painted wooden furniture can have a completely different look. The house and garden are more important to painted wooden furniture than they are to unpainted wood. Ideal for winter storage is wooden furniture that can be folded up and dismantled.

Redwood, teak and cedar are all good woods for the garden. Many gardeners love the silvery patina these woods take on. However, they can be stained and sealed to withstand both sun’s rays and dampness and frost. Wooden furniture can last for many years if it is taken care of properly.

Sometimes furniture can be built into the landscape as a permanent feature. You can arrange pre-cast concrete units and then add cushions for seating. Wooden decking can also be integrated with a bench section or raised pool edge. This type of furniture should be kept low-key and blend well into the garden.

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